• Modular Components For Limitless Possibilities

    Modular Components 
     For Limitless Possibilities

    Use our line of products as the foundation of your vision

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  • Modular Engineering Solutions 
     Eliminate custom fabrication.

    ModTrussINC lends itself to thousand of accessories
    to create endless configurations

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  • Add ModTruss to your product line

    Add ModTrussINC to your product line

    Join our growing network and gain an edge over your competition

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  • Modular Trussing


    12”, 6” and 3” modular truss. Patented Bolt-hole pattern allows for connection every 3” on all 6 Axis.

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  • Hinges


    The 180º Hinges allow the Truss Series and other components to pivot a full 180º or to be fixed at any angle.

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  • Universal Mounts

    Universal Mounts

    Universal Mounts and Biscuits allow for a variety of configurations, hydraulic use or virtually any rigging geometry.

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  • Pipe & Scaffolding

    Pipe Adapters

    Pipe adapters are designed to help place a round peg in a “clover-shaped” hole. ModTruss pipe adapters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Thomas Edison

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this:
You haven’t.

Thomas A Edison

Modular by Design- Green in Nature

Our modular design reduces the need for custom one-off fabrication and thus tremendously cuts down on waste. ModTruss is designed for long term re-use.

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