4-Hole 5/8″ – 11 Nut Bar


Technical Highlights

Part Number: MT-HW-NB-1032-0000-032-000-ST-132-04
Product Description: The Nut Bar allows you to connect multiple spans of extrusion. Nut Bars can also link splice plates and rigging brackets to the ModTruss Extrusion series of products.
Standard Material: A36 Low Carbon Steel
Standard Finish: 10 – Zinc Clear
Available Finish(es): N/A
Size: 1.25” x 4.50” x 0.5” (31.75mm x 114.30mm x 12.70mm)
Weight: 0.75lbs (0.34kg)
Hole Size: 5/8″ – 11 Threaded
Recommended Hardware: 5/8″ – 11 Thread Grade 8 Bolt, 1″ Long | 5/8″ SAE Zinc-plated washer
Recommended Tools: ModTruss™ Tool Kit 1 | 3/4″ Combination Wrench
Associated Products: ModTruss EX™ | Extrusion Series