Decorative Handrail – Complete Set


Technical Highlights

Part Number: MT-AC-HR-DP-48-41-AS
Product Description: The Decorative Handrail is one optional type of railing that mounts directly to the Truss Series. They are customizable to fit any needed size to provide safe platform requirements.
Standard Material: A36 Low Carbon Steel and Polycarbonate Insert
Standard Finish: 01 – Brush Finish
Available Finish(es): 20-32
Size: 0.31” x 41” x 47” (7.87mm x 1041.4mm x 1193.8mm)
Weight: 55.85lbs (25.33kg)
Hole Size: 1/2” (12.7mm)
Recommended Hardware: 4x – 5/16”-18 Thread Bolt, 1” Long
8x – 5/16” Washer
4x – 5/16”-18 Nylock Nut
Recommended Tools: ModTruss Tool Kit 1
Associated Products: MT-AC-HR-DP-48-41 | MT-AC-HR-DP-SM | MT-AC-HR-SM-26
Full Specifications: View/Download Spec Sheet
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