ModTruss is a revolutionary approach to designing and building for any
type of industry, application, or sector.

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Our solutions:

√ Pre-engineered building components

√ Modular, Reconfigurable building components

√ Off the Shelf building components

As a result:

√ Design Time is faster

√ Material Lead Times are faster

√ Changes in design can be accommodated and
     incorporated with minimal impact

√ Build Times are predictable

√ Products can be re-used for future applications
    resulting in a powerful Return on Investment

ModTruss’s diverse set of modular building components include:

Aluminum Truss
Steel Truss
T-Track Extrusion Profiles
Motion and Rigging Equipment
Decking, Stairs, and Handrail
Many more modular building components

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The ModTruss Difference - Designing and Building with ModTruss


We carry 3 different truss series profiles (3’’, 6’’, and 12’’ each in 1’ increments up to 10’) along with numerous extrusion profiles and accessories. We provide our clients the ability to tailor-make their structures based on their needs and demands.

Off-the-Shelf Modular Components

All of our truss components and accessories are pre-engineered and ready for construction.


Our entire product line of truss, extrusion, and accessories integrates seamlessly.

Structural Strength

ModTruss is a high capacity structural product line. Connections can be reinforced or spliced, providing for longer spans and doubling capacity or better.

Designed For Long-Term Reuse and Reconfiguration

The ModTruss line is based on a repeating bolt hole pattern every 3 inches. This allows for continual reuse and repurposing for a powerful return on investment.