Portable Buildings for Every Environment

We are ModTruss, designers of ultra-strong portable buildings that can be assembled in a flash.

COVID-19 Solutions

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ModTruss has taken its portable buildings expertise to the healthcare industry. Have a look at our tailored solutions to find out how ModTruss can help the healthcare industry in  the fight against COVID-19.

Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR)

Common Area Barriers

Temporary Buildings

The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Buildings

Need a portable building ASAP? You’ve come to the right place. We are the multi-tool of modular building components that support 100% custom applications with off-the-shelf products. Think of your erector set as a child but on a grand scale for utilization in industries like Healthcare, Aerospace, Entertainment, Industrial, Construction, and Government entities.

Theatre Applications
Media Broadcasting Platform
Trade Show Booths
Aerospace Antenna Maintenance Platform

Ready in Hours

Building with the ModTruss product line is very simple and achieved through our virtual warehouse online. We offer free CAD software to utilize, so you are able to explore the full breadth of all ModTruss has to offer and construct any structure at will. We have a team of Design Engineers on-site that can guide you along the way to ensure 100% satisfaction and delivery of expectations. All of ModTruss products come with load table limitations verified by independent third-party Professional Engineers that can also stamp designs. We stock the majority of our product line in-house which equates to rapid shipment, delivery, and install support for timely demand.

A Track Record of Success

Our worldwide dealer network has built and supported many significant, strategic and historic activations all over the globe with ModTruss portable buildings. ModTruss has been utilized at the US’s professional football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and golf championships as well as the Olympic Games and World Cups. ModTruss can be found at the US big three acting awards shows, US presidential campaigns and inaugurations, on trilogy movie sets, TV shows as well as the US’s four largest broadcast stations. ModTruss has also been utilized to support world-renowned theme parks, music festivals and New York City New Year’s Eve ball drop – we’ve even lifted the Berlin Wall.  Our industrial and manufacturer activations include wide and narrow body aircraft manufactures and large airline companies as well as the American automobile manufacturers.