12″ 180º Hinge Hitch Pin


Technical Highlights

Part Number: MT-HG-S-HP-12
Product Description: The pivot pin is the accessory used to marry the two hinge halves together to create the ability to pivot 180º.
Standard Material: A36 Low Carbon Steel
Standard Finish: 10 – Zinc Clear
Available Finish(es): 10-12, 20-32
Size: 3” x 14.25” x 1” (76.2mm x 361.95mm x 25.4mm)
Weight: 3.60lbs (1.63kg)
Hole Size: 0.26” (6.50mm)
Recommended Hardware: MT-HW-P-CP-0448-0012-0110
Recommended Tools: Rubber Mallet
Associated Products: MT-HG-12-12-12
Full Specifications: View/Download Spec Sheet
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