6" x 6" ModTruss Extrusion - Modtruss



Technical Highlights

Part Number: MT-EX-06-06-XXX-AL
Product Description: This is a ModTruss proprietary profile with capacity and function that exceeds any other product in its class. This profile can be either a beam or a column.
With both an integrated T-Slot and Keder Boss it allows for seamless integration to include fabrics, nets, skins as well as full compatibility with all the other ModTruss Product lines.
Standard Material: 6063-T6 Aluminum
Standard Finish: 02 – No Finish
Available Finish(es): 50-51
Size: 6” x 6″ x User defined length (152.40mm x 152.40mm x User defined length)
Max length per piece: 20’
Weight: 9.22lbs (4.18kg) *Weight per foot
Hole Size: T-Slot: 0.656” x 1.312” (16.67mm x 33.34mm)
Keyway (aka Keder Track or Screw-boss): 10.5mm
Recommended Tools: ModTruss Tool Kit 1 | 6 Hex Key Wrench CLuster – MT-TK-HX-00-0-SAE