About Us

“ When you have exhausted all possibilities remember this: You haven’t.”

-Thomas A Edison

The above words of the great inventor Thomas Edison encourage one to find solutions to the challenges their project may pose. Simply put, ModTruss INC is about possibilities and solutions.

As the popular adage states, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” At ModTruss, we couldn’t agree more. When we invented the ModTruss™ line over eight years ago, it was done out of necessity and frustration at all the “gaps” left by legacy trussing systems. As experienced industry experts, we had simply grown tired of the long list of inadequacies the existing solutions provided, and we were all too familiar with them from first-hand experience.

ModTruss™ is a “Yes” product. When our clients ask, “Can ModTruss™…,” we almost always are able to answer with a resounding “Yes!” We understand how frustrating it can be to need a custom, safe temporary building solution, but not be able to create what you need because of the limitations of the product you are working with.

ModTruss™ components are modern, modular pieces designed to build almost anything, anywhere, and to hold any weight. With a huge line of accessories including wheels, hinges, plates, mounts, ModStairs™, ModRails™, and a whole lot more, the only limitation is really your imagination. If it needs to be built and built safely, chances are it can be built with ModTruss™.

In addition to the extremely versatile nature and flexibility of ModTruss™, there are two standout features that set us apart from the competition in a big way.

1). ModTruss™ comes with a unique clover and bolt hole pattern. The clover not only gives ModTruss™ its signature look, the design also allows the product weight to be reduced without sacrificing any of the strength it provides. The bolt pattern is repeated every 3 inches on all six sides, so connection points are virtually limitless.

2). ModTruss™ can be laminated, or stacked, for large load rating weight requirements. The modern truss can be laminated multiple times. This means that there is virtually nothing it cannot support.

Marked by our unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and ingenuity, ModTruss™ has earned an industry-wide reputation as the leader in trussing and temporary and custom building solutions. In our company’s history, we’ve been featured at some of the biggest events in entertainment, staging, and rigging. Next time you see an impressive truss creation, look for the clover and you’ll know it’s ModTruss!

U.S. Patent No. 8,418,425,