Product Series: MR - Motion & Rigging - Modtruss


Material Type: Steel

Universal Mount Half 12″ x 6″ Part Number: MT-MR-UM-A-12-06-14-01
7 Hole Universal Mount Biscuit Part Number: MT-MR-UM-B-07-01
Universal Mount and Biscuits with 1″ Pin Part Number: MT-MR-UM-A-12-06-14-01-AS
6″ Sleeve Block Part Number: MT-MR-SL-06-12-03
12″ Sleeve Block Part Number: MT-MR-SL-12-12-06
18″ Sleeve Block Part Number: MT-MR-SL-18-18-12
3” Extrusion Trolley Part Number: MT-MR-TR-EX-03-03-15-360
6” Extrusion Trolley Part Number: MT-MR-TR-EX-06-06-09-360