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Rigging and Install FAQ

    • What is the truss made out of?

      Standard 6″ & 12″ truss is made out of 5052-H32 Aluminum or
      A36 low carbon steel
      Standard 3″ truss is made out of ASTM A500 Grade B steel

    • Why do you use Washer Plates?

      Washer Plates are used to strengthen the connection point on the truss.
      Find washer plates here

    • Do you need to use corner blocks at connection points?

      Absolutely not. Connections can occur on all six sides every 3”.

    • Do we need to use Washer Plates at each connection?

      The pre-engineered truss was tested using 2 Washer Plates per truss per connection.

    • How do I bolt the Washer Plates?

      To reach the strongest load rating the plates should be bolted on the North and South points when connecting horizontally.

    • What is the bolt hole size?

      11/16” to fit a 5/8” Grade 8 Bolt.

    • Where is the truss manufactured?

      All truss and accessories are made in Wisconsin, USA.

    • Do you have load ratings for the accessories?

      The truss will govern the load ratings.

    • What are Splice Plates?

      The Splice Plates are utilized to strengthen the connection point when the Washer Plates are not enough. They are bolted to the exterior of the truss at the connection point

    • Do I need Washer Plates when I use a Splice Plate?


    • What is lamination?

      Laminating the truss means you bolt the truss together to create multiple columns or horizontal beams. When you laminate the truss you double the load ratings. Unlimited lamination is available to ensure the load ratings that are required are met.

    • What if laminating is not enough to meet my load ratings?

      ModTruss can be designed in a block tower structure using the 45º Plate series to give even greater load capacity ability.

    • How often do I need to bolt the Laminated truss together?

      Every two feet.

    • Do I need Washer Plates with Accessories?

      Yes. The Accessories do require two Washer Plates to be bolted at the location the Accessory is bolted.

    • Why are there 4 different sizes of Bolts?

      The 12” ModTruss Truss Series requires 2.5” Bolts and the 6” ModTruss Truss Series requires 2” Bolts. The 3” ModTruss Truss Series can utilize the 5” or the 7” Bolt.

    • How do the Stairs assemble?

      The first Stair bolts flush to the end of 2 Stair Stringers. The next stair is then bolted 3” below the first Stair. The ends of the Stair Stringers are bolted to the truss or decking. Learn how to create a stair system.

    • What accessories should I use for Pick Points?

      There are multiple Accessories to create pick points required for installation.
      Universal Mounts and Biscuits – The Universal Mounts can be bolted inside or outside of the truss every 3”. The Biscuits can be pinned every 1” on the inside of the Universal Mounts allowing for virtually any rigging geometry needed.
      Half Hinge – The 180º Hinges are sold in halves. This allows them to be used as Pick Points. Both the 6” and 12” version are made in steel.

    • What is the load rating of the ModPanels?

      The pre-engineered load ratings for the ModPanels are 150 pounds per square foot. However, professional engineers should stamp any structure prior to assembly.

    • Can I request a different size Pipe Adapter?

      Yes. Standard sizes are 1.5” and 2” for both the 12” and 6” version.

    • Can I create my own Accessories?

      Yes. We are an open source company.

    • How do I become a Dealer?

      Here is the Dealer Application to apply.


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