Room Partitions - Modtruss

Hygienic Room Partitions for COVID-19

Easy Setup

The ModTruss room partitions kit, part of our infection control product line, is the ideal solution to stop contamination before it starts. For use in hospital or clinic waiting rooms, grocery stores, pharmacies, or anywhere else where disease can be spread, ModTruss room partitions unfold are sturdy and can be set up in 15 minutes.

Reliable Protection

Our room partitions offer protection in a variety of environments, including common areas of clinics and hospitals, supermarkets, and  temporary hospital cubicles.

  • Speedy Delivery

    Delivery within 5 days through our extensive dealer network

  • Easy Setup

    No technical skills required; all tools provided. Sets up in 4 minutes per module.

  • Easy Cleaning

    PVC and Polycarbonate easy to wipe down, more sanitary than standard pipe -and-drape partitions

  • Transparent or Opaque

    Made to your specifications

  • Modular

    Fully modular and customizable to any configuration

  • Fire Retardant

    Class A / CC1 Fire-Rated per ASTM E-84

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