Truss - Modtruss

ModTruss offers trussing in 3 different profiles.

      •    3” x 3”

      •    6” x 6”

      •    12” x 12”

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Some of the many benefits and uses of ModTruss:

As with all ModTruss products, all 3 series of truss can connect with one another. Each truss series is stocked in 1-foot increments up to 10 feet. 

ModTruss is available in both aluminum with a brushed finish and powder coated steel.  The steel truss allows for even larger capacities and longer spans and can also be a great means of adding ballast to a structure.

6-Axis Connectivity! – A bolt hole every 3’’ on all 6 sides which means you are no longer limited to only end-end connections. Because of this NO Corner blocks are needed.

ModTruss is compatible with traditional 12” Box Truss

A true advantage of ModTruss is the ability to reinforce truss to truss connections. Reinforcing connections increases load capacities and allow for longer spans while reducing deflection.

Go bigger, Go larger by laminating any of ModTruss truss profiles – laminate truss and achieve your project’s required capacities. Laminations allow one to build truss out of truss.  Capacities can be doubled and beyond using the same series of truss.

All ModTruss accessories interface directly with each of the ModTruss truss profiles

Common Applications Include:

Access and Viewing Platforms

Video Walls

Film and Television Rigging

Obstacle Courses and Aerial


Convention and Expo

Theater Scenic and Rigging

And so much more...