Video Gallery

PROJECT 33 Theatre for Pleasance, Edinburgh Festival 2017 by Triple E Ltd.
What Is ModTruss
ModTruss™ as the foundation of Snapple’s Statue of Liberty Sandal
ModTruss™ Hydraulic Lifting Ability
ModTruss™ Hydraulic Mobile set for Fox Sports West
Modtruss™ on World’s Greatest
Modtruss™ JF Ahern Recap
ModTruss™ LDI Recap
ModTruss™ Bandshell for WI Chamber Orchestra
ModTruss™ at CineGear 2015
ModTruss™ Rotator
ModTruss™ Z-Lift Arms at Super Bowl
ModTruss™ Folding Umbrella Stage at Rose Bowl Soccer Event
ModTruss™ with the Berlin Wall
See ModTruss™ in action
Denka Johnston Community College Houselight R-LED Upgrade
Super Bowl 50
Triple EEE and ModTruss